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You Add Value

Employers are increasingly learning to value diversity, and LGBTQIA+ individuals bring powerful, unique perspectives and experiences to any team or organization.  But these same individuals also often face unique challenges when seeking meaningful and financially supportive employment, or even in seeking out the training and "life skills" needed to be successful.

It can be very scary.  But there's good news: you are not alone.  

Whether you are first starting out and trying to identify where you would like to take your unique value, or whether you are trying to advance your career to the next level, affirming and affordable Career Resilience support can help:

  • Identify Career Interests - finding your path

  • Identify Strengths and Skills - enhancing your value

  • Build an Effective Resume - defining your brand

  • Practice Interview Skills - selling yourself

  • Finding Affirming Employers - finding the right options for you

  • Financial Literacy - making the best plan for your situation

  • Soft Skills - building your confidence communicating

We have been there before, we understand.  We want to help.

Our ultimate goal is to help you feel confident and proud as you showcase your skills and use community resources to grow your career.   

Book a free initial consultation now and together we can help employers see your unique value.

Starting in January 2024, look on our events page for our free online support group!

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Our Services:

Together through affirming one-on-one Career Counseling sessions we will help you gain confidence and pride as you build resilience skills and learn how to package and present yourself to potential employers.

Rates - $50 per hour*

Format - online or in-person available

*Pro Bono (free) services are available on a limited basis. We offer these sessions based on availability and prioritize those who are in greater need.  Please let us know if you need this help - being in distress should not be a barrier to getting help.

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